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The owner, manager and coach in First Baltic Trading Academy

Trading is always a risk, but I'll show you how to minimize it and stay cool-minded. Since 2017, I have decided to open my own Academy to share my experience and transfer knowledge.
Vitali Filimonov
Artem Mosharov
Scalping specialist (this is a separate approach to trading, intraday trading with a large number of trades)

From the height of experience, I see what typical mistakes beginners make, not realizing that there is no secret.
This is where experience and understanding of the mechanics of the market are needed. I have been actively trading intraday for 3 years now. As a mentor at the Professional Trading Academy, I provide training and support for students.

I collect news and facts in the world of trading to retell our readers in simple language and teach terminology.
SMM specialist

I am responsible in Fibata for:
- marketing development and marketing processes at the Academy
- increasing the recognition of the Academy and Vitali Filimonov's personal blog
- building communication with users through social networks