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First Baltic Trading Academy

For 5 years we have been teaching individual and corporate clients the theory and practice of working with crypto trading.
Courses and webinars
Authorship materials with real value and practical knowledge
Trading for beginners
Start — September 6
Trading PRO or Scalping
Free online-consultation
Online-consultation with resolving your requests
About First Baltic Trading Academy
Teaching project of a certified business trainer in trading Vitaly Filimonov
The first in Baltika
The first practice-based Baltic Academy of Trading for practitioners
5 years experience
In teaching individual and corporate clients
More than 300 graduates
They already have the knowledge and experience to independently focus on the exchanges and make transactions
Online programmes
Trainings that are conducted by mentors in real time through Skype or Zoom
Intensive lessons that help to quickly improve the instrumental skills of crypto trading
Duration from 1 to 6 lessons
Programmes with individual approach and opportunity of constant subsequent support
Duration from 6 months to constant subsequent support
The Academy is chosen by
Training for the decisive and time-conscious
People who value knowledge from practitioners
You can learn from your mistakes, but it takes long time, only experienced specialists will help you to choose the right way
People who are learning how to invest knowingly
To invest doesn’t always mean to risk if you know all the peculiarities of the market
People who see their evolution in trading
Doing what you like and don’t depend on anyone - that is a dream that trading embodies
Partners and friends of the Academy