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36% of US companies accept digital coins. Russian statistics are less positive, but the number of those who decided to receive tokens as payment for goods and services is growing every year. Join the technology among the first to become a reliable and progressive partner for your customers.

Connecting a business to cryptocurrency payment

From any place in the world

we organize connection

staff by a special program

After ordering the service
you will be taken to a private chat of traders, where a whole team of competent traders will continue to accompany you
We organize the connection of payment for goods or services with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on your website. Train staff in a specially designed program
Currency of the future
Transparency of operations
Operations with tax authorities in the case of introducing a crypt are greatly simplified. Moreover, there is no need to work with huge amounts of documents.
Many analysts are quite confident that Bitcoin will become one of the leading currencies in the future. In their opinion, it is only a matter of time.
Expanding the target audience
Allows you to attract a number of new customers and bypass competitors. Moreover, the transition to crypto will help to become more independent from the traditional banking system.
By connecting payment with cryptocurrencies, you get:
Additional advertising for your business
Customers will pay with minimal commission
Profit due to the growth of the exchange rate
Potential additional clients
Become a little more independent from traditional banking institutions
Full payment after completing the task
When ordering the service, you make an advance payment of 100 euros, the rest of the amount in installments during the process of work.
Only right now
Frequently asked Questions
What are the risks in connecting a cryptocurrency payment?
Risks are classified and you can protect yourself from them, with each business we discuss all the risks individually and for each one we develop its own action plan. If the business owner does not have a desire to understand the risks in more detail, then keep in mind that money can also be converted into a digital dollar, the rate of which is equal to the usual dollar.
Is there a commission when paying with cryptocurrency?
In addition to the commission of the payment acceptance service, there is a bitcoin commission for transferring from a temporary wallet to the one you specified. Unfortunately, it is not written about this anywhere, so we recommend not to make small payments.
Are such online payments safe?
There is no fraud and chargebacks here. The network is designed in such a way that the sent payment cannot be returned, the reliability of the transaction is confirmed by users all over the world, and each transaction is encrypted.
Are there limits and restrictions?
Unlimited payments: transactions are carried out in unlimited volumes, which is not allowed by other means of payment.