Fast payment for your services and goods with minimal or no commissions. New options for developing your business and attracting additional clientele.
Why is cryptocurrency payment the future?
A full-fledged currency
of the future
Transparency of transactions
Dealings with the tax authorities in the case of cryptocurrencies are greatly simplified. Moreover, there is no need to work with huge amounts of documents.
Many analysts are quite confident that in the future bitcoin will become one of the leading currencies. The transition to cryptocurrency will help to become more independent from the traditional banking system.
Advantage over competitors
Allows you to attract new customers and offer a payment option that your competitors don't have. Stay ahead of the game!
Manage your finances
In the process of connection, we'll teach you how to manage your crypto-purse and get the maximum benefit.
Safety and speed of operations
This method of payment is secure and the payment is as fast as a regular card payment. Payment with cryptocurrencies is not subject to sanctions and can be made freely in any country.
Currency without commissions
Fast payment of your services with minimal or no commissions (if you use certain services, we'll advise which ones).
Join those who have already successfully implemented it in their business!
Bonuses from connecting cryptocurrency
Additional permanent advertising for your business
Additional profits from the growth of cryptocurrencies
Potential new clientele
Ability to make payments worldwide, receive them from customers and pay bills to partners
You will have more payment options, thereby creating a more comfortable environment for customers
When you connect to our service, you get communication with all our staff and full follow-up support (we always help to solve problems, if any, and always advise on all issues)
Ability to receive payment in any cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world. With each business we develop an individual approach and individual strategy
Our partners who are already looking to the future
Find the best solution for your business
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Frequently asked Questions
What are the risks in connecting a cryptocurrency payment?
Risks are classified and you can protect yourself from them, with each business we discuss all the risks individually and for each one we develop its own action plan. If the business owner does not have a desire to understand the risks in more detail, then keep in mind that money can also be converted into a digital dollar, the rate of which is equal to the usual dollar.
Is there a commission when paying with cryptocurrency?
It depends on what services you will use. We show many possibilities. In any case, commissions are less than any traditional payment system.
Are such online payments safe?
Yes, the network is designed in such a way that the sent payment cannot be returned, the reliability of the transaction is confirmed by users all over the world, and each transaction is encrypted.
Are there limits and restrictions?
The transfer fee does not depend on the amount. You will be able to transfer even the smallest amounts with very little or no fees.
How to declare and conduct transfers of cryptocurrency in accounting?
We have two options: you can reflect such transactions as money or you can reflect them as property. We will consider your situation in more detail during the connection.
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