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Individual education
Trading PRO or Scalping

Старт — 30 июля
Оnline education
From any place in the world

2 months
Course duration

After the course you will be invited to a private chat of traders, where a whole team of competent traders will continue to accompany you
Currently not available.
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video-presentation of program
Scalping is suitable for experienced traders
We accept to the course people already with experience in trading on the stock exchange. This is a pretty interesting way to trade, even for professionals. That is why, in our Trading Academy, we have separated the teaching of this technique into a separate course, which includes at least seven basic lessons.
How the education will take the place
Learn on format of online-conferention
Trading sessions with the trainer
Each lesson includes the necessary practical skills and trading with the teacher
All training will take place over the weekend in the format of skype broadcasts
Ask the mentor
During training, you can ask questions: the more you ask, the more information the coach will be able to give you
Education program
Topic 1.Acquaintance with the work of a trader - scalper
From what trading begins?

Topic 2. Psychology in trading and psychotypes

Identifying your psychotype, analyzing and adjusting your trading behavior for the corresponding psychotype.
Topic 3. Why does a scalper trader need additional equipment and what?
We are setting up the appropriate software.
Topic 4. Risk and money - management.
How to learn to manage your funds and not be afraid to take risks.
Topic 5. A complete breakdown of the four main working trading strategies.
Let's consider the main strategies, after which you can choose the most suitable one and use it in your work.
Topic 6. Lesson-discussion, analysis of questions, analysis of errors.
During the lessons, you can and should ask the coach questions in order to get as much useful information as possible.
Topic 7. Create your own smart portfolio.
At this stage, we move on to the practice of creating our portfolio.
We confirm your participation with the relevant documents
At the end of the course, you will receive an electronic certificate and subsequent support from like-minded people in the closed chat of traders.
Participants receive a certificate confirming their qualifications after graduation
You will be able to apply in work on the exchange throughout your life:
Trading strategies
Indicator indications
Market analysis
Investment strategies
Competently manage personal finances both on the stock exchange and in everyday life
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Support after education
in closed chat with like-minded
Format of the participation and payment
Старт группы:
Осталось мест:
15 июля
Full payment for the course after 2 lessons
Booking a place for a course, you make an advance payment of 50 euros, the rest after 1-2 lessons. If you have changed plans and it is not possible to take the course, the place is saved for the next group.
Book the place and we will let you know when the course starts
Cost of the course:
Frequently asked Questions
How long will it take to earn money on trading?
With a step-by-step strategic system and a willingness to take risks, you can start earning after completing the course, the main thing is to get the necessary knowledge and develop.
Will be the analysis of mistakes?
There will be one lesson per week (planning meeting) that includes: analysis of trades of students and a teacher for a trading week, analysis of key situations in the market, highlighting mistakes, working on mistakes, advice to students on how to improve trading.
In what format does the course take place and is there any support?
There is no time limit, the main task for us is to give you knowledge on the main six topics. Lessons last from one to three hours, in the intervals between them there may be homework in the form of a video to consolidate the material.
What is cryptocurrency?
Even with the advent of the Internet, people were puzzled by the question of creating "value" that will be on the network, but will not leave traces when it is transferred to someone else. Such an opportunity would make it possible to make calculations from anywhere in the world. In 2008, Nakamoto Satoshi proposed to combine blockchain technology with a payment system. Thus, we have today the concept of cryptocurrency.
What is scalping? 
There are different types of trading. Intraday trading is trading in which positions are closed at the end of the trading session. Open positions are not carried over through the night.

Since trades are made on an intraday basis, intraday traders are in position for a short time. Sometimes a trade takes less than a minute. Therefore, day traders are called scalpers. They seem to cut a small profit by market standards with a scalpel. The terms scalping and intraday trading are often used interchangeably.