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This course was developed by Vitali Filimonov, the expert in the development of cryptocurrencies in the Baltic Sea. It is designed for those who have no trading experience at all or have minimal experience. We'll start with simple basics and go over all the nuances in detail.
In the course, we will cover 6 basic topics that will help a beginner understand the basics of the market. The course also includes additional practice sessions.

Individual education
Trading for beginners

Оnline education
From any place in the world

2 months
Course duration

After the course you you will be invited to a private chat of traders, where a whole team of competent traders will continue to accompany you.
video-presentation of program
New in trading? In this video we answer the questions “What is trading? And how it works."
Throughout the course, I will show you everything that I have been doing myself over the years and that gives me good results. As a result of all the training, you will receive a ready-made step-by-step system that only needs to be applied. And we, our entire team, will constantly accompany you in the course of your development in this area.
How the education will take the place
Learn on format of online-conferention
Trading sessions with the trainer
The trainer will trade himself and you will have opportunity to work simultaneously with him
All training will take place over the weekend in the format of skype broadcasts
Ask the mentor
During training, you can ask questions: the more you ask, the more information the coach will be able to give you
Education program
Topic 1. Basic technologies of cryptocurrency market
- Encryption
- Blockchain technology
- Functioning of businesses based on blockchain technology
- Mining and its varieties
- Cryptocurrencies, their varieties and applications

Topic 2. Varieties of exchange platforms
Practice already begins with this module.
Types of cryptocurrencies:
- What classification do they have and what problems do they solve in our world.
Exchange functionality:
- Types of account management terminals and their functions
- Terminology

Topic 3. Online trades
- Varieties of charts and timeframes
- Terminals in action, asset pricing principles, trading pairs, examples of cross-rate and correlation. Trades online.

Topic 4. Principles of technical analysis
- (A set of tools for forecasting probable price changes)
- Indicators - Trading strategies (3-4 pieces), money management models (3-4 pieces).
Topic 5. Fundamental analysis
- A process involving the collection of information about the company that issues its token.
- Analysis of asset prospects. Identifying the potential for price growth in the future.
(There are already more than 10,000 varieties of cryptocurrencies on the market. A correctly chosen asset for trading is already 50 percent of a successful transaction)
Topic 6. Investment strategies
The module includes 6-7 investment strategies and several models of portfolio formation, principles of personal capital management. This knowledge is applicable even in everyday life, we teach only valuable information that can be passed on even to your children. Financial literacy, alas, is not taught at school.
We confirm your participation with the relevant documents
At the end of the course, you will receive an electronic certificate and subsequent support from like-minded people in the closed chat of traders.
Participants receive a certificate confirming their qualifications after graduation
You will be able to apply in work on the exchange throughout your life:
Trading strategies
Indicator indications
Market analysis
Investment strategies
Competently manage personal finances both on the stock exchange and in everyday life
Who conducts the program
Vitali Filimonov
Founder of the First Baltic Trading Academy.
Official representative of RACIB (Russian Association of Cryptoindustry and Blockchain) in Estonia.
Practical trader, studied at the Higher School of Economics of Russia (programs "Financial Technologies", "Blockchain Technology").

He successfully completed the training program of the Millionaires' Club "Personal Finance Management", studied trading at the brokerage firm "Admiral Markets".
He defended his certification, became a certified business coach and trainer of specialized programs, author and teacher of the author's program - "Trading for Beginners". Member of Association of Professional Couches.
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Support after education
in closed chat with like-minded
Format of the participation and payment
Full payment for the course after 2 lessons
Booking a place for a course, you make an advance payment of 50 euros, the rest after 1-2 lessons. If you have changed plans and it is not possible to take the course, the place is saved for the next group.
Cost of the course
Frequently asked Questions
How long will it take to earn money on trading?
With a step-by-step strategic system and a willingness to take risks, you can start earning after completing the course, the main thing is to get the necessary knowledge and develop.
In what format does the course take place and is there any support?
There is no time limit, the main task for us is to give you knowledge on the main six topics. Lessons last from one to three hours, in the intervals between them there may be homework in the form of a video to consolidate the material.
What is cryptocurrency?
Even with the advent of the Internet, people were puzzled by the question of creating "value" that will be on the network, but will not leave traces when it is transferred to someone else. Such an opportunity would make it possible to make calculations from anywhere in the world. In 2008, Nakamoto Satoshi proposed to combine blockchain technology with a payment system. Thus, we have today the concept of cryptocurrency.